Wednesday, 17 July 2013

An experiment

Note: This poem is not exactly very good or perfect. There are a lot of mistakes and stuff, but I wanted to see people's reaction towards it. Kind of like an experiment.When I got the idea for the poem, I just kept on writing and couldn't stop, so yeah the poem may sound a little incoherent or disconnected at places.
 Inamorata is an Italian word, I know, but it felt more appropriate to me to use Inamorata instead of Koibito.

Oh Inamorata
Look yonder
As the moon shies away at your sight
For there are no words to describe your loveliness
As the soft sakura kiss your cheeks
And the women envy your beauty
Why do you cry?
Standing solitary by the koi pond
Teasing the water with your fingers
Your head bowed down with the
Heavy weight of sorrow
With every step you take so gingerly
Your kimono sways like the gentle creek
Don’t cry inamorata
The earth sighs with your every tear
The birds weep as you exhibit fear
Fear what?
The wind carries the hearsay
Across the oceans
Through the deserts
Crossing the forests
Battling the darkness of the caves
Your sweet inamorata weeps for you mortal
Her beauty scarred by her love for you
She no longer thinks about the plants or stars
But she ponders over where you are
She no longer buzzes with happiness like the bees
But all day long she weeps and weeps
The grass tries to wipe away her tears
And the flowers try to cheer her up
But all day long she weeps and weeps
Return to her and hold her in your arms
Remove her pain with love as the balm
Stop hiding and come out
Of the box where you have
Suppressed your love for her
And tell her that you are forever together
The witnesses of your love are the winds and stars
And all those tears shed over so many hours
Only time can separate us
My heart, my love
So say the moon and the stars above.


  1. This is beautiful and the nature described here is amazing, I too love nature unconditionally.

  2. nice rhythm to this and i can really feel the longing in it...the desire to see you def being the best balm....really a lovely piece...and def poetry doesnt need perfection to work...or be beautiful

  3. Beautiful write--I am with Brian--really nice rhythm to this piece for me--

  4. I feel the love in this poem...and you have some beautiful lines. These are among my favorite:

    The witnesses of your love are the winds and stars
    And all those tears shed over so many hours
    Only time can separate us

  5. Innamorata is such a romantic Italian word :)

  6. This is so romantic and loving and beautiful and needs no apologies. I especially love that the earth sighs and weeps with her pain. It makes me think of a friend of mine at a solstice gathering one time who said "Mother Earth feels your pain. Let her feel your joy too." A very beautiful write. I so loved it.

  7. Thank you all very much! :D
    You've inspired me to upload more stuff :)