Monday, 30 December 2013

A Tell-Tale Song

I take my pen
and write this down,
a melody
a tell tale song
I wish you're here
to read this now
this one's for you
so hear this out,
how your thoughts
plague me night and day
your voice
your touch
those happy days
I used to be a locked up box
but now you seem to have the key
I've opened up
you opened me?
But this strange feeling
grabs my throat
its unfamiliar
and all unknown
I shrivel up
I've become cold
but then you come
I fear no more
But alas,
a petty coward am I,
I wrap my feelings
in shadowed lies
unable to come and tell the truth
that I only wish
you love me do.

Note: Oh good God! What is wrong with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

I wish you knew (yet another experiment)

She looked at him,
as if he was real
but he was
was a chimera after all?
She tried to touch him
but he was only her imagination
after all?
"Give up"
she said to herself
here I am miles away
wishing he would know
how I feel?
Never felt love before
how can I tell?
to think from the heart
or to bind myself
to the realms of possibility
She looked at his vision
as he began to fade away,
she pursed her lips and said
"I wish you knew."

Note: Too many poems with a lot of feelings eh? :P please bear with me :D Hahaha


Blessed I am
for mother & father
who went through the shadows
to lead me to the light
Blessed I am
for the little black hound
who though majestic & proud
plays around
Blessed I am
for the beauty of the world
offering happiness
even when cloudy above
For friends who love
and bring out our shine
for strangers
though anonymous
make us believe
with little acts of kindness
in a big way
or a small one maybe?