Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Question Marks

Can I look into your eyes?
Could I prepare a boat to sail uncharted waters with you
and smile, even as we drown in them?

Can I peer into the other side;
the side you hide behind your soul’s windows,
tainted by things of your past.

Will you open them for me?
Will you reveal your demons to me,
as I try to unlock this door you hide behind?

Can I touch you?
Can I write our story on your skin,
as I talk you to sweet slumber?

Can I feel your heartbeat?
Can we sync it to mine?
And as you slowly kiss me,
Can I look at the sky and thank the divine?

You sat on my bed
the sunlight dancing off your face
as you asked me,
‘Why do you like question marks?’
And I replied,
‘I don’t really know, but I think it’s because I like wonder.’

Can I take a photograph?
And show you how happy you looked when you laughed
as I tickled you that lazy December afternoon,
 despite all the uncertainty we find ourselves shrouded in.

Can I reveal to you,
though it’s as childish as it seems,
that whenever we cross roads together,
I always feel like we’re going on a marvelous adventure,
Some faraway land, an island?
Or maybe the pizzeria next door,
wherever it may be,
I’d go on a thousand adventures with you,
and write them on this coffee stained paper
and sleep with all those memories in my head.
No matter where.

~For the Poets United prompt- Design


  1. "but I think it’s because I like wonder.... ". Imagine life without wonder! Well said.

  2. Everyday we are given that option aren't we - to wonder. What a delightful excursion of delight is your poem

  3. Wow! this was beautiful and well-expressed. I loved it! Great piece!

  4. "Can we sync it to mine?" or the other way around? Question is the design here, but are they rhetorical or designed to be answered? Thought provoking piece.

    If you truly wrote this for the Poets United prompt, please link our blog here as an acknowledgement. Thank you!

  5. Thank you all. Your thoughts mean a lot to me and yes I'll link Poets United right away.

  6. Firstly, I was so intrigued by the name of your blog, I couldnt click here fast enough. LOL. I enjoyed this poem very much, especially "it's because I love wonder." Me, too. Nice to see you at Poets United. Hope you come back.

  7. You shared this for the Poets United prompt - design - still don't see the link back, which you mentioned above.

    Not sure if I see the 'design' aspect in your poem, but perhaps it is a subtle reference that I missed.

  8. What a happy poem! Inspiring and inviting us to ask more questions. Love it.

  9. i like the aspect of wonder, to be awestruck, is to live the aesthetic

    much love...