Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Order no. unknown~ Verse First

Ay caramba!
Do we eat to live?
or live to eat?
the latter's more true
Damn! I feel 'em blues
when I wait at the cafe
with a book in hand
face hidden behind it,
eyes following the waitress
carrying a plate of brownies
in one hand,
the eyes follow her around
like a tiger targeting the prey
laying low on the ground.
she passes me once
and there she comes
with a silly smile on her face
she sets down the plate on the table
and now I can eat with panache & grace.

This one's supposed to be humorous. Hope it's good enough!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Verse First ~ Half & Half

The camera sits in his hand,
as it shuts its eye on the wonders
that surround his vicinity

There stands the girl,
standing there like a work of art
it shuts its eye on the beauty

There stands the photographer
looking at her picture wondering
when he'll catch her sight again.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sheets of glass

Sheets of glass
sheets of ice
your empty words
won't suffice
like shards of glass they pierce my heart
will I forever be in the dark?
about your motives, tricks & lies,
you say it's nothing,
that it's alright,
but I failed to read between the lines,
and now I'm tangled in your poisonous vines,
and for me those words are nothing more
than old wives tales and rumors and lore,
as cold and bitter as the winter frost
here nothing's wrong and nothing's right,
and in the end,
I lay frozen,
beneath the sheets of glass and ice.

[This poem sounds a bit (maybe a lot) confused. But I wanted to depict the state of mind of someone who's very broken and betrayed and does not know what to think. Hope it's good enough!]

Monday, 14 October 2013


The big picture is always there
But the little things are forgotten
To wake up in the morning
And see the first ray of sunlight
To venture out into the darkness
And catch a firefly
Lie down on the soft sand
listening to the waves whistling nearby
To fill yourselves with the aroma of the earth
To run in the fields of happiness
Like the blowing zephyr
To watch the sun fading
Into the zenith
To alleviate your suffering from worldly trifles
To live is to live with joy
To keep your mind awake,
yet enjoy every moment
For life is too short to be drowned
in a sea of worries
As each moment is a dewdrop
One touch and it vanishes.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Verse First ~ Writers are Lovers

There she stood,
staring blankly into space,
looking at the mountains,
that lined the empty grassland,
at a distance,
her ebony colored hair,
as the cool breeze
brought a smile to her berry red lips,
There she sat on the bare rock,
bringing life to it
by her mere presence,
her loveliness spreading an aura
of perpetual happiness,
here I am,
sitting at a distance,
unable to touch her,
only paint her picture,
as I fall hopelessly in love
with the muse who stands at a distance.

{I wrote this poem as an ode to several poets who I admire. This one is about a poet and his muse. )

Monday, 7 October 2013

Experiment #2- A short story

I wrote this story during my summer vacs in 10th grade.
I wrote it completely on a whim and didn't bother to review it much.
If you read it, then thank you for taking the time. :)

P.S- The conversations in the story are a tad awkward and I've been often blamed for being too cold in expressing things.

Verse First ~ "He Said. She Said." (Poet's united)

I'm sorry if this poem sounds very negative and it is a serious issue I've written about. It's based on several stories I've read and accounts of several people who've faced such a thing.
(And I'm only a high school student :P ) I hope nobody ever has to face such a thing.

He said-I like you
She said- I think so too
He said- I love you
She said- I feel so too
He said-Marry me
She said- I do
They married under the canopy,
under the chill of the autumn breeze,
They married and lived,
over the years their love was rigged,
She realized he was a monster,
A broken piece of glass,
she kept blaming herself,
for remaining ignorant about his past,
she gathered her wits,
and decided to face,
the situation and packed her things,
to move out of the place,
She said- Something's wrong
He said- Nothing.
She said- I'm leaving
He said- Don't you dare
She said- I don't care
He took a knife,
held her by her hair
and beat her that night,
There she sat in the corner of the room,
weeping to herself,
regretting the day,
they met, they stayed,
regretting the day they crossed each others ways.