Saturday, 13 July 2013

Those complicated emotions!

Dogs. Cute. Cuddly. Furry. Soft . Friends.
Above is the image of dogs as observed by animal lovers.

Dogs. Scary. Teeth. Beasts. Rabies. Injections.
Above is the image of dogs as observed by not-very-big-dog-fans.

So what happens when you've experienced the feelings of both the sects. Scary yet lovable. Furry yet dirty.
You know you're not exactly going to be a huge fan of dogs when you've been chased by 6 dogs (Hey I didn't tease 'em or anything! ) . So after the whole dog-chasing-girl drama, I was scared of dogs.
I got over the phobia after interacting with a few friends and their dogs.

Mum wasn't very keen on getting a dog. It's difficult considering the fact that we move every 2yrs. It was understandable. Then came that fateful day. A phone call changed our lives forever.........................and so where are we now?

We have a dog. A black golden shepherd. (yes, yes I notice the irony or perhaps the oxymoron
 "black golden shepherd" *laughs* )
It was a tough six months with the puppy stage considering the fact that he pooped and peed almost 20 times a day. I mean how much does a pup pee! What is it a urinary bladder or a water tank!
At times he's the best...all lovable and all. And at times, you feel like killing him. (not that I'm a sadist or anything)
But then he's the best thing that happened in our lives. So, yeah.

Here's an experiment my friend tried on Leo. Oh Leo's my dog.

Le friend- "hey leo say I love you"
Le leo- "Rai ruh ruuuuuuuuuuu"
Le me- *blinks*
Le friend- "now roll over"
Le leo- "What do you think I'm a circus freak?"
Dogs I tell you.

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