Monday, 7 October 2013

Verse First ~ "He Said. She Said." (Poet's united)

I'm sorry if this poem sounds very negative and it is a serious issue I've written about. It's based on several stories I've read and accounts of several people who've faced such a thing.
(And I'm only a high school student :P ) I hope nobody ever has to face such a thing.

He said-I like you
She said- I think so too
He said- I love you
She said- I feel so too
He said-Marry me
She said- I do
They married under the canopy,
under the chill of the autumn breeze,
They married and lived,
over the years their love was rigged,
She realized he was a monster,
A broken piece of glass,
she kept blaming herself,
for remaining ignorant about his past,
she gathered her wits,
and decided to face,
the situation and packed her things,
to move out of the place,
She said- Something's wrong
He said- Nothing.
She said- I'm leaving
He said- Don't you dare
She said- I don't care
He took a knife,
held her by her hair
and beat her that night,
There she sat in the corner of the room,
weeping to herself,
regretting the day,
they met, they stayed,
regretting the day they crossed each others ways.


  1. This is dark, but you keenly illustrate the truth of many entrapped in violent, abusive relationships. A good write. Glad you shared it at Verse First.

  2. Eerie ... hit very close to home. Well written and true to real life situations.

  3. Yes, this happens all too often - they say the most dangerous time for a woman being abused is when she says she will leave, or tries to. Be very careful in your choices, kiddo. Let someone earn your trust over time. Tell your friends this. It is so important - and to value yourselves highly.

  4. I see it over and over in divorce and custody cases. Runs both ways. Thank God when there are no children.