Saturday, 21 December 2013

I wish you knew (yet another experiment)

She looked at him,
as if he was real
but he was
was a chimera after all?
She tried to touch him
but he was only her imagination
after all?
"Give up"
she said to herself
here I am miles away
wishing he would know
how I feel?
Never felt love before
how can I tell?
to think from the heart
or to bind myself
to the realms of possibility
She looked at his vision
as he began to fade away,
she pursed her lips and said
"I wish you knew."

Note: Too many poems with a lot of feelings eh? :P please bear with me :D Hahaha


  1. Love is beautiful however it is experienced!

  2. Bear with you? This poem captures the wistfulness bordering on hope that others feel as well. Thank you, and happy holidays to you.

  3. Beautiful poem on love and yearning to be loved. Happy Holidays to you. Smiles :)

  4. Love and such yearning in those many moments of thought...Lovely emotions captured here...


  5. "I wish you knew...." so poignant.

  6. This does happen when our heart and mind are glazed in someone special's thoughts:)

  7. It feels like it is a recent phenomenon that people fall in love from a long distance but it only happens faster than in the old days of snail mail. It has happened to me lately though, long distance love, and I too worry about the distance being a barrier to insight. But somehow on each occurrence once the connection is established I find I can feel the other even over the distance by simply paying attention to the feelings I have whenever that other person comes to mind. Those feelings are a reflection of what your love is experiencing/feeling. I suspect from your writing that deep down he already knows . . .

  8. Feeling work well in poetry, go for it!

  9. Thank you all very much and season's greetings! :D
    A lot of thought went into writing this poem.