Saturday, 22 March 2014


Where have all those days gone?
When we wove blankets of dreams
and slept in them,
dreaming of only happiness and
chewing gum.
Where is it lost?
maybe in all those years of mundane living,
where all we heard was lies
to evil we were unwary,
evolving from diamonds
to people with dark hearts
but a countenance placid. 
Placed in this imbroglio
closed in by walls of structure,
those bubbles of dreams
pricked by the pin of doubt,
they ruptured.
Where did we lose ourselves?
maybe in those numerous streets we walked,
with dark alleys on one side
and bright lights on the other,
where survival stripped us naked
of our dreams
and all we had left were
trench coats and bad decisions.


  1. Trench coats and bad decisions…I definitely own a few of those. I try an see what I have become and from where I came from and it is hard to decipher what made me make those bad decisions.I guess I have tempered them with enough good ones that while not washed away, at least maybe there is a scale and hopefully balanced in the right direction as I get older. this was a vey thoughtful piece, I loved it. Thanks for playing!!!!

  2. when did we lose ourselves....and no longer crawl under that blanket of dreams...i wonder that often myself...and what it has done to us as well....ha...i went through a period in high school when i lived in trenchcoats and bad decisions...

  3. Ya, I remember :-)
    Nice piece.

  4. So poignant "when we wove blankets of dreams and slept in them".......I hope those dreams are recaptured.

  5. Life does seem to strip the blanket from our bed of dreams...beautiful piece