Monday, 30 December 2013

A Tell-Tale Song

I take my pen
and write this down,
a melody
a tell tale song
I wish you're here
to read this now
this one's for you
so hear this out,
how your thoughts
plague me night and day
your voice
your touch
those happy days
I used to be a locked up box
but now you seem to have the key
I've opened up
you opened me?
But this strange feeling
grabs my throat
its unfamiliar
and all unknown
I shrivel up
I've become cold
but then you come
I fear no more
But alas,
a petty coward am I,
I wrap my feelings
in shadowed lies
unable to come and tell the truth
that I only wish
you love me do.

Note: Oh good God! What is wrong with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  1. so many fears hopes dreams weaved through this piece...then they are the parts that make us who we are...

  2. certainly lived up to your introduction :-) I clicked funny twice :-) I enjoyed my visit.

  3. Nothing wrong with you.
    Loved the verse.

  4. You touch upon some universal emotions here in a unique you've gathered it in well.

  5. "I wrap my feelings in shadowed lies"… We've all done that, I believe.