Monday, 14 October 2013


The big picture is always there
But the little things are forgotten
To wake up in the morning
And see the first ray of sunlight
To venture out into the darkness
And catch a firefly
Lie down on the soft sand
listening to the waves whistling nearby
To fill yourselves with the aroma of the earth
To run in the fields of happiness
Like the blowing zephyr
To watch the sun fading
Into the zenith
To alleviate your suffering from worldly trifles
To live is to live with joy
To keep your mind awake,
yet enjoy every moment
For life is too short to be drowned
in a sea of worries
As each moment is a dewdrop
One touch and it vanishes.


  1. I really like the waves whistling. These images should be remembered as cares and action start taking over our lives: dew-drop moments, handle with care.

  2. nice positive thoughts to start Monday.. handle those dew drop moments with care... :)

  3. life is too short not to appreciate these the aroma of the earth...there is a nice intimacy in that with nature...

  4. You're in high school? Seriously? I'm hoping everyone there doesn't write this well, or the rest of us are gonna be out of business.