Friday, 12 July 2013

The Storyteller Hearth

Like I said before, I write poetry Hahahha :D
 So here's one of the poems I've written -

The Storyteller Hearth
As I sit on the rug,
in front of the hearth,
on a bitter cold winter winter evening,
I see the warm lively fire,
crackling and sparkling,
singing its own music,
and in those dancing flames,
I see figures,
from my memories,
putting up a live show in the flames,
like marionettes,
family and friends,
sadness and death,
smiles and whispers,
a moment spent with a close one,
secrets whispered,
but soon everything fades away,
and outside the moon is shining bright,
I lay down in my bed again,
as the stars whisper good night,
more stories to tell,
more moments to spend,
with the storyteller hearth.

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